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The e3council solar schools project is in the initial phases of applying for grants to help our cause.  This page will highlight our assets and opportunities as well as challenges and needs for e3council qualifications for grants.

Grant (noun) Money given to a business that does not need to be repaid. (source)

Founded: August 2009
Non-Profit Status: August 2010

Mission Statement:

Provide THE BEST value (watts per dollar) for investments in solar energy.  Our volunteer staff organizes fundraisers to support local schools.  We maintain low administrative overhead and maximize the actual educational and environmental impact of our investments in solar energy.  Schools often lack the capitol and planning required to install solar panels, we provide both.

Financial Data:

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 Current YearFYE 2010FYE 2009
  Program Expenses0%0%0%
  Administrative Expenses0%0%0%
  Fundraising Expenses0%0%0%
  Fundraising Efficiency$0.00$0.00$0.00
  Primary Revenue Growth0%0%0%
  Program Expenses Growth0%0%0%
  Working Capital Ratio (years)


 FYE 2010FYE 2009FYE 2008
   Primary Revenue$0$0$-
      Program Services$0$0$0
   Other Revenue$0$0$-
   Total Revenue$0$0$-

Functional Expenses

 FYE 2010FYE 2009FYE 2008
   Program Expenses$0$0$0
   Administrative Expenses$0$0$0
   Fundraising Expenses$0$0$0
   Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
   Total Functional Expenses$0$0$0
   Excess (or Deficit)$0$0$0

Balance sheet

 FYE 2008FYE 2007FYE 2006
   Net Assets$0$0$0
   Working Capital$0$0$0

Board of Directors

Galen Swain - Founder CEO
Pat Gallager - Secretary
Wil Fluwelling - CFO
Ryan Benech - Network Admin
John Cribbs - Program Director
Natalie Elephant - Program Director

Letters of Recommendation

We are currently active in various Bay Area's solar industry events, Cupertino Middle School and with volunteers.  Official recommendations are available upon request.  (request here)

Arguments in Favor of Issuing Grants

Additional considerations include:
  • principal of 'most electrons for your buck', 
  • how the 3-Es, "Energy * Education * Environment" combine to provide win-win-win incentives for all participants.  
  • Publishing a 'how to do this at your school' section so individual schools can use our resources, 
  • program to identify, pre-qualify, and organize schools to fund solar installations and environmental education programs.  
  • "Field trip that comes to you" provides a great way for students to get hands on experience with solar
  • our volunteer staff (very little admin expenses)
  • educational opportunities
  • transparency, 
  • minority, low income benefits the most
  • children - lifetime learning experience can apply to personal and corporate life
  • renewable energy
[More examples needed]

Likely Grant Providers

California State Facility Programs: Modernization Grant -